Our Services

At Raymond James, East Yorkshire we take a unique approach by offering both Financial Planning and Investment Management.

Financial Planning

Building a robust financial plan is the platform to achieve your families’ long term goals. This may include planning for retirement, protecting your assets to pass onto your loved ones or growing your existing wealth in the most tax efficient manner.

Investment Management

We believe effective investment management begins with understanding our clients’ specific goals and requirements.

We are then able to tailor an investment portfolio that will help achieve these objectives.

Inheritance Tax Planning

At Raymond James East Yorkshire, we specialise in helping our clients pass on their wealth as tax efficiently as possible.

We achieve this by working collaboratively with professional contacts, utilising gifting allowances and tax wrappers.

It is important to note that Inheritance Tax does not apply to everyone, so to review your situation and get the right advice for you and your family why not arrange a meeting.

Cash Flow Modelling

Cash flow Modelling has become an essential part of the financial advice process.

Using advanced modelling software, we are able to illustrate complex financial plans for clients, which bring to life the effect different decisions will have on the future financial position.

Regular reviews with clients keep these valuable models up to date and will evolve over your journey with us.

Retirement Planning

Your retirement planning journey evolves over time and having a Wealth Manager to guide you through will give you the peace of mind that your future is in good hands.

We start by understanding your retirement income objectives and uncover any shortfalls in saving to achieve this.

We will also review existing pension plans to make sure they are suitably invested to achieve your goals, in the most tax-efficient way possible.

We simplify pension planning, giving you the time and financial means to enjoy the lifestyle you would like in retirement.

Savings & Investments

An essential part of planning for your future is ensuring you are saving and investing enough of your wealth to achieve your investment goals.

We combine the use of our cash flow modelling tool to project the value of your current savings and investments in the future. We can then address any shortfalls and assess how you can contribute further to reach your investment goals.

After careful analysis of your financial circumstances, including your attitude to risk, we can suggest an appropriate investment solution, utilising all available tax wrappers and allowances.

Discretionary Managed Service

Financial markets are very fast moving and keeping up with events that can impact your portfolio is ever more difficult and time consuming.

Our Discretionary Managed Service follows a systematic approach that takes care of the day-to-day management of your portfolio in line with agreed parameters. This allows you to have peace of mind that we are taking full advantage of investment opportunities as they arise.

All clients benefit from ongoing face to face reviews with your assigned Wealth Manager to make sure there is continuity of service.

Regular reports and online access are available which detail the changes made.

Advisory Managed Service

Through this management service, we will discuss any recommendations or portfolio changes with you before they are made. This service is more suitable for clients who wish to play a more active role in managing their investments.